Business & Corporate Intelligence

SCG can provide you with a team of professionals in intelligence and open source research; a group of experts in the identification, assessment and development of information essential when operating in sensitive contexts.

Our business & corporate intelligence department features considerable flexibility and a great focus on the aspects most closely related to the business.
These resources are made available to individuals and companies in Europa, Africa, the Middle East and South America.

The corporate & business intelligence services provided by SCG go far beyond what you would expert from a simple consultant; they take advantage of the added value deriving from the setting up of an efficient network and our constant presence wherever doing business means facing numerous problems and ambients often very different from our own

We assist individuals, companies and organizations in the analysis of the local context in order to draw up guidelines and gain security and concrete operational advantages.

SCG provides Business & Corporate Intelligence support related not only to risks and threats against personnel and infrastructures, but also to achieve important strategic and operational advantages in the industrial and business sector.

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