Analysis, planning and monitoring
for risk mitigation and management

Today it is indispensable to know about and assess the risk conditions involved in implementing a given business project. SCG, thanks to its team of experts, can provide you with support in understanding and mitigating risks, helping you to recognize and reduce vulnerabilities and organize a crisis management plan to prepare you to face problems effectively and definitively

Our experience

SCG is your partner for solving problems related to the security of industrial sites, and the protection of the personnel working there, in geographical areas with particularly high risk with regard to terrorism and crime. SCG can enhance the security and performance standards of resources deployed in sensitive areas, and provide the people who travel, live or work in areas with medium to high conflict levels with the tools required to be safe in those areas.


Situation reports

SCG has a group of analysts who draw up reports on the general situation and the aspects related to security, transport, communications and all the factors involved in having the proper awareness of the conditions.


For a number of years SCG undertaken direct collaboration with official bodies, embassies and the government, military and police authorities where the company operates.
Since we are used to dealing with these organizations and have established relationships based on mutual acquaintance of trust, we are able to facilitate the setting up of fruitful relationships between our clients and the central and local authorities.

Dedicated services

SCG can customize their services according to your requirements and solve complex problems, whether operational or technological.

There are no projects that cannot benefit from a careful analysis and monitoring process.

SCG provides Business & Corporate Intelligence support related not only to risks and threats against personnel and infrastructures, but also to achieve important strategic and operational advantages in the industrial and business sector

Travel Security

SCG Vi offre la possibilità di organizzare e monitorare tutti gli aspetti correlati agli spostamenti ed ai viaggi dei vostri manager, dei collaboratori e dei dipendenti.

Business & Corporate Intelligence

Diamo risposte al tuo bisogno di sapere.

Contrazione del rischio

Solo con un'attenta analisi e con un progetto finalizzato alla contrazione e gestione del rischio è possibile garantire la piena riuscita del Vostro business.


SCG è da sempre impegnata con il suo gruppo di analisti nella realizzazione di reports per tutti gli aspetti correlati alla sicurezza.

Training formativi

SCG organizza percorsi formativi per coordinatori della sicurezza e per il personale direttamente coinvolto in situazioni di rischio.

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